Use a Professional Auto Body Shop

At Vic Auto Collision and Repair, we understand the urge to complete and undertake a challenging DIY project. That being said, we hope that whenever you experience a problem that requires a considerable amount of auto bodywork, you’ll come to see us. Not just because of the experienced and knowledgeable staff we employ, but because … Read more

Paint Services in Spring, TX

Prices are rising all over the place, and it’s not just about suffering at the gas pump anymore. We’ve even seen an increase in the cost of car paint. Paint companies like PPG enterprises have raised prices multiple times since the onset of pandemic-induced supply-chain shortages. We want to share with you an update on … Read more

Get Your Car Serviced with Vic Auto

We want to draw your attention to an important concern for all of those who want to maintain their cars without spending a fortune: the increasing cost of parts. Yes, unfortunately, we’re starting to see a substantial rise in the price of automotive parts and supplies in tandem with inflation. It’s a serious concern, and … Read more