Auto Body Collision & Paint Repair
in Spring, TX

Give Your Vehicle the Benefit of Our Years of Experience

Auto Body Collision & Paint Repair
in Spring, TX

Body Work & Total Collision Services

We fully repair collision damage and provide like-new paint jobs in our state-of-the art body shop and painting booth. Your car will look brand new and you will be amazed at what we can do.


Exact Color Matching

We only use PPG Paints™ and the latest matching methods for an exact match to your car’s color. Some colors are more difficult than others to get a perfect match. Different materials react differently when painted. Bumpers are typically plastic, and we do everything we can to see to it that all the paintwork matches the original factory color.

PPG, our paint supplier, has technical staff available when needed for consultation. The goal is to make everything look showroom new! LEARN MORE

Dent Repair

We Do Paintless Repairs!

We can repair any dents (or replace panels). We also offer paintless dent repair for smaller dents and hail damage. On newer cars it is to your advantage if we can avoid painting your vehicle and restore it with paintless dent repair.

This is highly specialized work, and we work with experts in this area when necessary, and carefully analyze the alternative solutions to maintain the highest value for your car, SUV, or truck.

Mechanical Work

Ensuring a Complete Repair

Often your vehicle has suffered damage that may not be visible until the car is in the air and further analyzed by a technician. Various suspension components may be damaged, causing the vehicle to pull, vibrate, or just not drive like it was designed to.

We diagnose and repair these areas, and will not return your vehicle until we are completely satisfied with how it performs on the road. Sometimes extra work will require a supplement, if insurance is involved, and we deal directly with the adjuster when these situations arise.

Glass Repair

Cracked or Damaged Glass?

We can repair and replace your windows, windshield, mirrors, and more.

Only Your Body Shop Knows

That’s right. When your car leaves our body and paint shop, only our experts know we repaired your vehicle, and the secret remains with you. Knowing how to get the exact shade of paint takes a combination of experience and a paint lab equipped to get it right.

We use PPG Paints™ exclusively, and you get the guarantee that our paint will not chip, peel or fade while you own the vehicle.

Paint is Guaranteed

We guarantee our paint for as long as you own the vehicle. Your vehicle will look amazing.

We Work with Insurance

We’ll work with your insurance to get you back on the road promptly in a car that looks great. 

Rental Cars Available

Ask about special rates. We’ve partnered with a car rental company just down the street.


Complimentary Mercedes-Benz Loaners

Loaner vehicles are available to customers getting work done. Availability is limited, so make sure to reserve yours ahead of time.


Frequently Asked Questions

If my accident is covered under an insurance policy, whether mine or the other party’s, am I required to use a particular body shop for the repair work?

No. You have the right to take the vehicle to a body shop of your choosing. You may be sent to a claim center owned by the insurance company to get your estimate, but you are not obligated to use the recommended shop for repairs.

Once VIC begins work on my vehicle, what happens if you discover that more repairs are required than you initially thought?

Once your car is turned over to a body shop, any additional work or parts we require are requested by us to the insurance company, using a “supplement”; your claim will be adjusted to absorb the additional costs. As a result, you do not have to worry about being charged additional fees. This also includes any mechanical work needed such as a wheel alignment or suspension parts damaged during the collision. The body shop handles everything once the car is dropped off; you will not be involved in approving any amounts.

Does VIC make repairs using parts from the original manufacturer, or do you use after-market parts?

Often the estimate calls for after-market parts to repair your vehicle rather than new parts. The body shop has very little control over this, unless the parts do not fit correctly, in which case the shop may ask for a supplement to pay for a dealer part. However, VIC will never attempt to make parts fit or work that are not to standard specifications. Note: When we request a supplement, an adjuster may be required to re-inspect the vehicle before approving extra expenses.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t use the claim center shop to perform my repair work?

Not necessarily. However, there is a certain risk associated with them, as they don’t always conform to the highest standards and practices. For example…

  1. The claim center shop may attempt to repair your vehicle as inexpensively as possible, often using fillers to make the job go quicker and cost less. A good shop will make your repairs correctly, and ask to replace damaged panels with new ones rather than using body fillers such as Bondo, which are prone to defects and cracking over time.
  2. When painting bumpers, a quality shop will first remove it from the vehicle. This is an extra step that requires more work, but produces a better finish; this also allows technicians to inspect for additional damage hidden underneath, which could actually affect the safety of your vehicle in the event of a future collision.
  3. Insurance adjusters will often restrict your number of rental car days to the minimum. And so, a good shop will stay in contact with the adjuster to ensure you are provided enough days to cover the repair, especially if the shop is waiting for the adjuster to return and approve a supplement.

Great info! Got any more tips, VIC?

We’re glad you asked!

  1. Beware of tow truck drivers, who are often “spiffed” by body shops to get your car towed to their preferred location. Always request that your vehicle be towed to the shop of your choice!
  2. You can save money on repairs that are “out of pocket” if you are willing to use after-market parts, or possibly a used part. Always ask the shop person what is available to keep the repair bill down.
  3. Good quality paint should carry a solid guarantee against fading, chipping or peeling. When choosing a shop, always ask how long their paint work is guaranteed for. VIC guarantees our paint work for as long as you own the vehicle.
  4. The deductible is your share, like medical co-pay. Be wary of shops that offer to save or help you with the deductible.

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Nationwide Warranty
— 24,000 miles / 24 month —

Whether you’re in Houston or 1,000 miles away, you’ll have the peace of mind that most repairs done at VIC’s are covered by our nationwide 24,000 mile / 24 month warranty.

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We’re pleased to offer 3 different financing solutions to help you pay for repairs and get back on the road. See what we offer and learn which is the best solution for you.

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