Brake Services & Repair
in Spring, TX

Give Your Vehicle the Benefit of Our Years of Experience

Brake Services & Repair
in Spring, TX

Complete Brake Service

Possibly the most easily overlooked upkeep on vehicles are your brakes, yet they are considerably the most vital component when it comes to road safety.  To keep you & your passengers safe and on the road, Vic Auto Services provides comprehensive brake services & repair.

We offer complete brake services in Spring, Tx and the surrounding areas, contact us or make an appointment today.

Brake Inspections

Comprehensive Brake Inspections

Brake issues can surface from seemingly out of nowhere.  That's why it's important you keep your eyes and ears open to get it repaired as soon as you notice before it worsens.

You'll know it's time to bring it in for an inspection if you notice:

  • Your brakes are responding slower than usual
  • The brake pedal feels spongy or a lack of tension when compressed
  • You hear the sound of squealing or grinding when you hit your brakes
  • Steering wheel vibrations or the steering wheel pulls

Brake Fluid Service

Brake Fluid Flush

Over time brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air causing the fluid to become contaminated.  The heat and moisture can potentially cause corrosion on internal brake system components that lead to its failure.  We recommend having us flush and replace your fluid every 2 years or 30,000 miles.

Brake Repair Options

Honest and Consistent Brake Repair

Whether you have disc or drum brakes, our team is well versed in repairing a multitude makes and models of vehicles.  We will repair your drum brakes, install new brake pads & rotors, or replace your calipers and more.  Whatever your vehicle's braking system is, Vic's got you covered!

Same Equipment as Dealers but with Better Service and Lower Prices

We service all vehicles, including European vehicles.. Our tools and equipment are the same quality OEM equipment your dealer has but our hourly rates are often 20-30% less, with easy scheduling and customer shuttle within 10 miles.

Most Repairs are Covered by a 24 month / 24,000 Mile Nationwide Guarantee - Learn More

Commonly Requested Services

Wheel Repair

We can repair all OEM and aftermarket wheels.


We offer 4-wheel Laser Alignment to keep you safe and minimize tire-wear.

Engine Tune-Ups

Is your vehicle running roughly and not performing like it used to? Let us analyze the problem and restore it to run like it should.


Complimentary Mercedes-Benz Loaners

Loaner vehicles are available to customers getting work done. Availability is limited, so make sure to reserve yours ahead of time.


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Please Note: Estimates for body repair or paint work cannot be provided without first inspecting your vehicle.

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Nationwide Warranty
— 24,000 miles / 24 month —

Whether you’re in Houston or 1,000 miles away, you’ll have the peace of mind that most repairs done at VIC’s are covered by our nationwide 24,000 mile / 24 month warranty.

Financing Available

We’re pleased to offer 3 different financing solutions to help you pay for repairs and get back on the road. See what we offer and learn which is the best solution for you.

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