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One of the first steps in maintaining proper upkeep with your vehicle is to be familiar with its dashboard indicators.  Doing so will save you from potential headaches and car troubles.  

Your check engine light is arguably one of the most important lights to be aware of.  It could be signaling an issue as simple as a problem with your gas cap, or it could be indicating an engine malfunction that could seriously damage your vehicle. 

Sometimes a loose gas cap can trigger the engine light, tighten it and the light should go off after a short while.  However, if the light remains on, then it could be a number of issues such as: faulty spark plug or coil pack, bad catalytic converter, an O2 sensor in need of replacement or various other reasons.

Close up on a cluster with the check engine warning light on indicating a car failure.

If you feel that your vehicle is running abnormally, bring it in to have it looked at by us at your earliest convenience.
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