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boat repair Tulsa

boat repair Tulsa

When you are planning a great family vacation, you want to ensure that your equipment and boat are in good condition. Come to Shoreline Boat & RV Repair, your local specialists for RV and boat repair in Tulsa, for a final checkup.

What maintenance does a boat need?

To maintain your boat in a proper condition, at a minimum, you should wash it, change the oil regularly, and check the propeller and grease it when needed. For washing and cleaning, we recommend using detergents and soaps designated for boats as these will remove algae and other particles fixed below the waterline of the hull.

A visual inspection of the propeller will indicate if it is damaged or if any fishing line is around it, which you will want to remove. For any other issues, we would suggest checking with a boat repair in the Tulsa metropolitan area. After our team of boat repair specialists completes a thorough inspection, we will advise if any additional maintenance work needs to be completed now or scheduled for the future.

What are some of the common causes of boat breakdowns?

A dead battery or contaminated fuel are some of the most common problems you may have with your boat. Luckily, these common causes of frequent breakdowns are ones that are easy to fix. To avoid paddling to the shore from the middle of the lake, you may want to take a few preventive steps:

  • Battery – Boat batteries spend the largest amount of time being unused, especially during the off-season. First, to keep your battery charged, you must remove the cables while not in use and connect them to a smart charger or float charger. Also, you should check the level of the electrolyte to make sure that your battery is not dry.
  • Faulty wiring – Connections may get corroded when exposed almost continuously to a humid environment, and loose contacts will lead to electrical problems. Checking the fuse box may help in some cases, but a specialized electrician at Shoreline Boat & RV Repair will be able to detect and fix more advanced issues.
  • Broken transmission belt – This problem is easy to detect since your boat will not move even at full throttle. Keeping a spare belt in your toolbox will help you get off the lake fast in case of a belt failure.
  • Contaminated fuel – This is a regular issue for old tanks that have accumulated sediments. Another possibility is a loose seal that allows water and other contaminants to reach the fuel and damage your spark plugs. It may not be a straightforward task for you, which is why a qualified boat repair in Tulsa can help.

What causes sudden engine failure?

There are a couple of reasons for an engine to fail suddenly, like overheating and improper lubrication. Your boat’s engine uses the water around it to cool down. A broken admission pipe will cause the coolant to stop reaching your engine allowing it  to overheat.

At Shoreline Boat & RV Repair, we know the importance of having a smoothly running engine. That is why, during regular maintenance, we will check the water strainers, filters, and oil quality. To make sure your days on the water are problem free, call the reliable team of boat specialists at Shoreline Boat & RV Repair today for all your boat repair needs in Tulsa.

boat repair Tulsa
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boat repair Tulsa

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