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Conroe is one of the most beautiful places in Texas for a drive. Bodies of water and the 7 Acre Wood; it stands as a pinnacle of natural beauty in the state, providing plenty to do for residents of this gorgeous place such good people call home.

At Vic’s, we staff locals who understand not only the beauty of Conroe but the neighborly consideration that everybody happily abides by. Conroe is a beacon of Southern hospitality, and we aim to give every customer who comes in that same treatment on top of our top-quality service. Whether it be a Mercedes, Porsche, VW, or Land Rover, we’ll treat your car like we treat you with the utmost respect.


From Conroe to Vic Auto Collision & Repair: An Easy Drive

The Heart of Conroe: Vic Auto Collision & Repair is a convenient and scenic drive from Conroe that’s easily accessible for residents and visitors alike.

Local Landmarks: The scenic beauty of Conroe cannot be missed. Most of the parks are built right into it and go quite far to add fun to the scene. Candy Cane Park is one of our favorite places to take the kids. It has a genuinely creative set of things to play on, like the giant turtle or the pool, with a set of slides the kids can tire themselves out on! Not to mention, the park is surrounded by trees.

Another great place in Conroe is WG Jones State Park, where you can enjoy the lakes in the summer and have a picnic with a forested backdrop that could bring peace to any situation.

Services for Conroe, Texas Residents

Conroe’s Climate: As locals, we know that the weather in Conroe has its harsh days. A hot day in Conroe can be brutal but made even worse when stuck in a hot car with a broken A/C. At Vic Auto Collision & Repair, we’ll get your A/C fixed right so you can rely on it.

Rugged to Refined: We know the roads in Texas can be tough, to say the least. With ever growing potholes littering the streets and backroads to beautiful places, your suspension and tires have to be ready. That’s why you need to bring your car to an auto shop composed of locals who will set you up to take on this diverse state.

Experience Conroe

Once you’ve gotten your car worked on at Vic Auto, it’s time to get out and see this gorgeous area. All the destinations you weren’t sure you could get to are now on the table. Lake Conroe is a great place to go and enjoy the fruits of nature under the Sun and the stars, and we’ll make sure your car is prepared for a possibly mucky trek. Or even get further out there and see Sam Houston National Forest. The world is your oyster; it’s time to see it all.

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We love our neighbors and welcome all the communities around us to come and get some quality work done on their cars by local Texans who care.

We’re located at 17545 Kuykendahl Rd A, Spring, TX 77379, so come by today or schedule an appointment at (281) 370-0101.

We provide our community with fair prices, quality service, and neighborly respect a Texan should expect.