Expert Auto A/C Repair & Services At Vic Auto Collision & Repair For Spring Area Drivers

Vic Auto Collision & Repair is composed of technicians who are all locals of the beautiful Lone Star State of Texas. Our staff loves this state, but we know that the heat can be a bit much, especially when heading to a professional meeting or a date. That’s why we pay so much attention to A/C systems when we repair them.

Vic’s team puts meticulous time, energy, and skill into A/C repair, using years of experience and practice to make sure that you get through Texas in comfort. We've been servicing European vehicles like Mercedes, as well as Domestic and Imported vehicle brands for over a decade, serving the community of Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas of Tomball, Cypress, The Woodlands, and Conroe with pride and respect. The experts are here to keep you cool and comfortable.

Auto A/C Repair & Service

A/C Maintenance Pays Off

Maintaining an A/C system doesn’t strike people as being a big deal until it’s not working on a hot Texas day. Then, it becomes the most dire issue you can think of. Imagine driving on your commute, enjoying some coffee, prepping your mind for work, and listening to some country music on a Texas radio station; then your A/C goes out. Now, you realize it’s 100 degrees outside, and your car is starting to cook you like a hot plate of bacon. Good luck concentrating at work!

Avoid this nightmare by coming to Vic Auto Collision & Repair, where the technicians can relate and understand how important it is that your A/C is adequately maintained, something a foreign corporate dealership just doesn’t think of.

So whether you’re getting into a car on a snowy day with a frozen windshield or a scorching one, Vic’s team will keep your European vehicle’s A/C working to its potential for the sake of you and your passengers.


  • Diagnostics: Our A/C diagnostics process involves the most advanced and latest machinery wherein we conduct a comprehensive investigation that will point out any flaws your A/C system may have so we can repair it and have things working as they should.
  • Refrigerant Management: The key to your A/C working properly during the summertime on hot days is pairing your vehicle with the correct refrigerant. On top of that, we handle these chemicals safely and dispose of them properly according to environmental standards.
  • Leaking A/C systems: We find A/C leaks in no time. We’ll get you patched up and on your way in no time and control of your climate.
  • Clogged filters: As experts, we know all the little things that often go wrong. Clogged filters are a common problem, especially in Texas, where massive amounts of dust can do a number on your filter. We’ll have it cleared out and ready to go in one shake of a lamb’s tail.

Why Choose Vic Auto Collision & Repair for A/C Repair?

  • Our specialty is complex luxury brands, so we know everything possible about European imports like BMW, Mini, Audi, VW, Mercedes, Porsche, and more. So when it comes to an A/C repair, we’re prepared to handle it with perfect execution.
  • State-of-the-art Equipment: Every piece of equipment utilized at Vic’s shop is of dealership grade and manufacturer-approved. So, no matter what brand you bring to us, we have the tools to suit it.
  • Vic’s Auto has a plethora of financing options to make sure everyone in our community is served fairly.
  • We provide 3 year/36,000 miles warranty because we have sincere confidence in our work and the guarantee to back it.
  • Expert Repair: Vic’s team of vetted technicians are all ASE-certified and have extensive training in fixing the most advanced vehicles on the market, including Mercedes, BMW, and other complex European imports. We can fix anything.

Schedule A/C Repair with the Best In Texas

Book your appointment with Vic Auto Collision & Repair by calling (281) 370-0101 or bring your vehicle by our location at 17545 Kuykendahl Rd A, Spring, TX 77379, and we’ll get your A/C running how you need it to.

Serving Texas for over a decade, we’ve built our sterling reputation on honest prices, quality service, and neighborly respect. Come down and get your A/C fixed by the pros!