How Do I Know if I Need My Engine Repaired?

The importance of engines cannot be overstated, as they serve as the backbone that supports various functions and mobility in a vehicle. With the proper maintenance and care, your vehicle’s engine can operate efficiently and dependably for an extended period. However, neglecting engine servicing can often lead to many issues that could be expensive to repair and ultimately ruin the vehicle. 

Therefore, a responsible car owner prioritizes engine servicing to ensure smooth and consistent vehicle operation. This is where regular engine servicing with Vic Auto Service enhances vehicle performance and prevents unexpected breakdowns, ultimately saving you time and money in the long haul. 

Here in our blog, we’ll discuss six common signs that may indicate it’s time for engine repairs, so keep reading to learn more.

6 Common Signs Your Car Engine May Be In Need Of Repair

Understanding when you should bring your vehicle in for repair can be challenging if you’re experiencing engine trouble. However, fear not, as we have composed a list of the top 6 common signs that indicate it may be time for engine repair:

Excess Exhaust Smoke

Excess smoke from your vehicle’s exhaust suggests the engine is burning oil or experiencing other issues requiring repair. According to most auto experts, the smoke’s intensity (volume) corresponds to the underlying issue’s magnitude. 

So, if you notice excessive smoke emitting from your car’s exhaust pipe, getting your vehicle serviced promptly is highly recommended to prevent your engine from seizing. 

Unfortunately, neglecting the issue could lead to further engine damage and expensive repairs. Thus, seeking professional assistance at your earliest convenience is vital to avert any potential accidents and ensure your car runs optimally.

Warning Lights

If your dashboard’s warning lights illuminate, especially the “check engine light,” it’s typically a sign that something is wrong with your engine. 

Should the light start flashing and remain illuminated for a long time, it is typically advisable to stop using your vehicle and have it examined by a professional mechanic. This frequent blinking can indicate an issue with engine components, such as the airflow or gas sensors. 

Failure to have it addressed can lead to significant damage to your vehicle’s engine and result in further complications and expensive repairs. Therefore, taking prompt action and having a professional check your car to avoid additional problems is essential.

Strange Noises

If you hear rattling, knocking, or ticking noises from your engine, it could indicate severe internal engine damage or wear requiring immediate attention. Ignoring this issue could cause catastrophic engine failure and expensive repair bills. Therefore, as we said before, having these sounds checked by a professional mechanic and taking preventive measures before it’s too late is crucial.

Decreased Performance

Various underlying issues can lead to a general decrease in engine performance. For instance, a drop in fuel efficiency, rough idling, engine stalling, or difficulty in acceleration may indicate an issue with your vehicle. If you encounter performance problems, a trip to an auto shop is advised. 

Minor services such as replacing spark plugs, fuel, or air filters can help restore engine performance. However, ignoring these signs can cause further complications and may result in more costly repairs. 


When your car suddenly stops running while driving or idling, getting it to an auto shop is crucial, as it poses significant safety risks. Stalling could impair vehicle control, making it unsafe to operate on busy roads. Thus, swift action is necessary to avoid accidents and prevent further issues with your car.

Paying close attention to these signs is essential to prevent significant engine damage and avoid expensive repairs. By addressing engine issues promptly, you’ll ensure that your vehicle remains reliable and operating smoothly.

Leaking Fluids

If you begin to notice any fluid leaks under your vehicle or issues with oil pressure, it’s a sure sign that your engine must be checked for damage. There should never be any fluid leaking from your vehicle; if there is, it is high time to get it to an auto service shop. 

If you detect a burning odor and smoke from your car along with the leak, this may indicate engine or transmission fluid problems. In this case, it’s essential to service your vehicle as soon as possible. 

Neglecting this issue can cause further complications and lead to costly repairs, as it indicates potential engine or transmission failure. Therefore, seeking professional assistance and resolving the problem immediately is always recommended to ensure your vehicle runs at its best.

Your Go-To Auto Service Shop

Vic Auto Service is the perfect place for you if you require quality engine repair services. Our friendly team of expert mechanics is always ready to help diagnose and fix any issues efficiently, ensuring that your vehicle runs smoothly. 

We’re your go-to auto service shop for all your engine repair needs, so why not trust us to keep your car’s engine in top condition by contacting us here? With Vic Auto Service, you can enjoy reliable and efficient vehicle performance.


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