Use a Professional Auto Body Shop

At Vic Auto Collision and Repair, we understand the urge to complete and undertake a challenging DIY project. That being said, we hope that whenever you experience a problem that requires a considerable amount of auto bodywork, you’ll come to see us. Not just because of the experienced and knowledgeable staff we employ, but because the advantages that a professional body shop can offer are many. 


Just because you think you can fix something; doesn’t mean you should try. The people who are assigned to work on cars, be it mechanical or bodywork, have all been through rigorous training to know how to alleviate any distressing situation that they happen to be in. 

The Right Tool for the Right Job

Today’s cars are more complex than ever before. As an experienced mechanic will tell you, “you need the right tool for the right job.” The tools that a body shop utilizes to repair your vehicle are exclusively made for mechanics and technicians within the industry. And you won’t them anywhere in stores. 


The automotive industry is one of the most competitive in the world, and this is also true for mechanics and auto body repair locations. Because of this, and the tendency of local businesses to put their customers first, many will offer their services at competitive rates that underbid the competitor. 

Service that’s Better 

One of the advantages of going with a local body shop is that the service you’ll receive is usually more thorough and detail-oriented. While many large dealerships offer bodywork, their goal is to have a quick turnaround which can lead to shoddy workmanship. An independent business that knows you personally is the way to go. 

Leave it to the Professionals & Stay Safe 

One of the major portions of auto body repair is the use of paint and other chemicals that require special training. Anyone who’s working on your vehicle at a repair shop knows how to handle the materials and what protective equipment to use to keep them and the environment safe at the time of disposal. Leave autobody to the pros and stay safe. 

We Hope to See You at Vic’s

Vic’s Auto Services wants to be there to look after your vehicle and afford you the peace of mind you deserve. We’re proud to serve Houston and the surrounding areas. For more info and to schedule an appointment, cruise on over to
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