Engine Noises You Don’t Want to Ignore

You never want to overlook unusual noises coming from your vehicle. Whether it’s ringing, screeching, clicking, or anything else, it’s normally a warning sign of a problem that could get worse. If you jump on the problem fast, you can often avoid a steeper repair bill.

Engine Noises You Don’t Want to Ignore

  • Loose or Worn Piston Pin Noise
      • This sometimes subtle problem may produce a metallic noise or double knock when the vehicle’s idle. A repair technician at Vic’s Auto can detect whether you have worn components. It’s usually a loose piston pin or worn bushing.
  • Connecting Rod Noise
      • If you have a misaligned connecting rod, you’ll hear a slightly pounding or knocking sound. We can diagnose the problem with a cylinder-balance test.
  • Valvetrain Noise
      • You could have a defective valve train lifter if you hear some clicking noises at lower speeds. It also results from too much clearance.
  • Detonation
      • Sometimes, it’s important to increase fuel octane to prevent detonation, which will manifest in high-pitched metallic noises. The cause of this problem comes from a few probable causes: lean air/fuel ratio, improper octane, or faulty timing.
  • Crankshaft Noise
      • Worn crankshaft bearings will produce a dull, metallic knock. It’ll be most apparent under a heavy load. You can confirm this by checking your oil dipstick. If you see metal shavings, then the bearings may be eroding.
  • Worn Cylinders/Piston Slap Noise
      • This one is more of a muffled or hollow sound. It might not be as serious if the engine is cold, but if you hear it consistently, you might need engine service. It comes from worn cylinders or excessive clearance.
  • Piston Ring Noise
      • Here, you’ll notice a clicking noise when you apply acceleration. It also has a few potential problem sources: broken rings, worn cylinder walls, or low ring tension.

Also, be mindful that most of these problems result from inadequate oil. If you haven’t gotten an oil change recently, that alone could resolve the noises.

Vic Auto Service covers these problems and more when you visit our specialty repair shop in Spring, Texas. We’re the best service center for all makes and models, with a particular emphasis on European vehicles like Porsche and Mercedes Benz. You can depend on our meticulous work regardless of the car or problems. Call us for a repair quote at 281-370-0101.
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