Common Porsche Repairs

No matter what vehicle you drive, it can never be stated enough how important it is to have routine service and repairs performed at regular intervals. This is how you recoup a return on the investment you’ve made. And, if you drive a Porsche, chances are you made a pretty sizable investment when you signed … Read more

Do I Need a Vehicle Alignment?

Routine maintenance is the key to keeping your car up and running. In addition to oil changes, filter cleanings, and tire rotations, you may also need vehicle alignments. To learn whether or not you need a vehicle alignment, continue on. Vehicle alignment, also known as wheel alignment or tire alignment, is the process of adjusting … Read more

Choosing the Best Auto Mechanic

Popular culture has done a wonderful job of pushing the narrative that used car salesmen, and auto mechanics are shady businessmen who are eager to separate people from their money in several underhanded ways. Used vehicles have the benefit of being protected by the Lemon law, but choosing a decent and reputable mechanic is another … Read more

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Transmission Service

Your vehicle’s transmission is its gearbox. Unfortunately, nobody’s vehicle transmission will last forever without needing to be repaired or replaced. This is especially true if you travel on rough terrain, mountain passes, or hilly roads, often during long-distance trips. Yet, how do you know when your car’s transmission needs a service to ensure it remains … Read more

Get Your Oil Changed for The New Year

Keeping up with car maintenance is something everyone should do so that their vehicle runs smoothly and safely!  One of the easiest ways to help your car truck or van last for years to come is to regularly have your oil changed.  What better way to ring in the new year than by getting your … Read more

Why is My Check Engine Light on?

There are several reasons you might see the check engine light come on when you glance at your dashboard. You could face something as severe as damaged engine components, or simply need to tighten your gas cap. Regardless of the issue, this is not something to ignore. This post will cover some of the most … Read more

Vehicle Thermostat Symptoms to Keep an Eye Out for

There’s way more point and purpose to your vehicle’s thermostat than showing you the engine temperature. It determines the release of coolant and impacts its overall functionality. Therefore, we think you should keep an eye out for these vehicle thermostat symptoms that may indicate serious problems. As usual, if you catch them in advance, you … Read more