How to Prepare Your Car For A Summer Road Trip

Whether you’re about to hit the road for a cross-country vacation or hauling the kids to different summer camps and activities every day, summer is when we all hop in the car for adventure!  With more miles getting tacked on and temperatures rising, it’s essential to have your car maintained to prep it for the summer months.  Vic Auto Collision & Repair is here to help you with everything you should check and service your car or van!  

One of the first things you’ll want to do for your vehicle is to test the battery.  There’s nothing worse than packing up the car and getting ready to hit the road when you realize the battery is dead!  Check all your cable connections to make sure they’re clean and tight.  We can even conduct a battery check for you to let you know how much juice you have left.

Next up, the brakes.  You’ll want to not only listen to them but pay close attention to how they feel.  If you hear any sort of grinding sound or feel vibrations when you press the brakes, you’ll want to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible., There could be fluid leaking or issues with the pads or rotors.  All of these can be extremely dangerous if you’re out driving as they can cause your brakes to malfunction and not work as well as they should.  

Third on the list is enhancing your visibility!  Double-check that you have plenty of windshield cleaner and replace your wiper blades.  Blades wear down with use, and it’s time for a new pair if you’re seeing any streaks when you turn your wipers on.  You need to be able to see clearly and keep yourself safe during summer storms when your wipers will be working double-time!

Another very important detail – your tires.  You’ll want to check the tire pressure as well as perform an inspection on all four tires and your spare if you have one.  Look for bumps, bulges, or debris stuck into your tires.  Make sure your tread isn’t too worn down and that none of your tires are going flat.  Fill your tires so that your air pressure is correct.

Finally, top off all the fluids in your vehicle.  Coolant, brake fluid, transmission and power steering fluids, and the oil in your engine are all extremely vital.  They keep the mechanisms in your vehicle running smoothly and help to prevent overheating.  

If you want to request a quote or schedule an appointment to get your vehicle summer ready, give us a call today!  You can reach us at (281) 370-0101.  We are conveniently located at 17545 Kuykendahl Road A in Spring, Texas.  We offer complete vehicle maintenance as well as mechanical work, full-service repairs, and more!


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