Do I Need a Vehicle Alignment?

Routine maintenance is the key to keeping your car up and running. In addition to oil changes, filter cleanings, and tire rotations, you may also need vehicle alignments. To learn whether or not you need a vehicle alignment, continue on.

Vehicle alignment, also known as wheel alignment or tire alignment, is the process of adjusting the vehicle’s suspension. Over time, your car’s suspension may become unaligned. This can happen when hitting bumps, potholes, curbs, or other vehicles or obstacles. It can also happen over time due to routine wear and tear. It is even possible that your suspension is unaligned because you just got new tires or your current tires are old and worn down.

If your suspension becomes unaligned, this puts more stress on your vehicle. Your car has to work harder to drive in a straight line, which can wear down other parts. Over time, a poor alignment can damage your vehicle and create a need for costly repairs.

So how do you know if your suspension requires an alignment? A vehicle with poor alignment will not be able to move in a straight line on its own. Find a safe place away from other cars to test your alignment. You may be able to do so in your driveway or an empty parking lot. Attempt to drive your car in a straight line without using the steering wheel. If your car drifts to the left or right, even though your steering wheel or tires are facing straight, your car’s alignment is poor. You may also be able to tell that your vehicle is unaligned if your steering wheel is crooked when you attempt to turn it straight.

If you think you may need a vehicle alignment, head to Vic’s Auto Service. We offer alignments, as well as other vehicle maintenance, so schedule your appointment with us by calling 281-370-0101. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and you can find us at 17545 Kuykendahl Rd in Spring, Texas. We look frward to helping you correct your alignment and care for your car!


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