Get Your AC Repaired for Summer

The warm weather is already here in Spring, TX, which means you better have your car AC ready to go. Vic Auto runs an entire service center where we repair every make and model. We’re the only ones in the area that can handle AC repair on European models.

Whether you need a refill on coolant, or something’s making lots of noise, we can address the problem.

Benefits of Getting AC Repair with Vic Auto

  • Make Your Car AC Last Longer
      • Placing regular emphasis on car air conditioners is a good idea if you want to prolong its life expectancy. It’s not unlike your home AC. Making sure fluid levels are good, getting everything sealed properly, and addressing unusual noises are how you do this.
  • Help Purify Cabin Air Quality
      • A well-running AC system will positively impact the quality of the air you breathe while driving. Don’t forget to replace your filters at least every 15,000 miles as well. The dust and debris you continue to inhale can take a toll on your health if you ignore it for too long.
  • Address All Those Noises
    • Usually, when it starts to break or malfunction, you’ll hear noises, it won’t cool consistently, it’ll blow hot air, and so forth. Getting AC service with our team of certified technicians will eliminate these problems. The faster you do this, the better chance we have of avoiding an expensive repair.

1234YF AC Repair Services

Like we said, we’re the only ones in town capable of handling the unique AC systems found in European cars. Vehicles from overseas face many more environmental standards and regulations than domestic vehicles. That’s why European car air conditioners have many different parts and components.

There’s something called 1234YF air conditioners that we repair at Vic Auto. These are the special systems made in Europe that don’t rely on freon or other hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). New air conditioners in European models (since 2017) use different refrigerants that you probably won’t find at your local auto store. So, if you’re driving a Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, etc., you’ll want to use us exclusively for AC repair.

We hope you find this helpful and we wish you a calm, cool, and fantastic summer.

Vic Auto is the most dependable automotive repair service in the greater Houston area. Whether you need specialized work on your Porsche or Mercedes, or just want to get your AC ready for summer, we’re happy to assist. Call to set an appointment with us at 281-370-0101.

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