Get Your Volkswagen Serviced With Vic Auto

If you own a car, you need to have it serviced. Servicing your vehicle includes routine maintenance like oil changes and filter replacements, as well as repairs like fixing your A/C, windshield, or brakes when needed. You don’t want to make the mistake of having your vehicle serviced at an untrustworthy auto shop. Some mechanics … Read more

Vehicle Thermostat Symptoms to Keep an Eye Out for

There’s way more point and purpose to your vehicle’s thermostat than showing you the engine temperature. It determines the release of coolant and impacts its overall functionality. Therefore, we think you should keep an eye out for these vehicle thermostat symptoms that may indicate serious problems. As usual, if you catch them in advance, you … Read more

Get Your AC Repaired for Summer

The warm weather is already here in Spring, TX, which means you better have your car AC ready to go. Vic Auto runs an entire service center where we repair every make and model. We’re the only ones in the area that can handle AC repair on European models. Whether you need a refill on … Read more