Get Your Oil Changed for The New Year

Keeping up with car maintenance is something everyone should do so that their vehicle runs smoothly and safely!  One of the easiest ways to help your car truck or van last for years to come is to regularly have your oil changed.  What better way to ring in the new year than by getting your vehicle in tip-top shape?  Vic Auto is here to help you understand just how vital it is!

A car’s engine is a complex piece of machinery.  There are many moving parts that all need to be properly lubricated to work properly.  Oil is the lubricant!  Not only does it ensure that bearings and gears can move the way they need to, but it also helps prevent your engine from overheating as well as keeping tiny bits of metal out of your machinery by safely transporting them to the oil filter.  As the oil does its job, it can become thick and dirty which is why you need to have it changed regularly.  

Did you know that your engine is comprised of parts like a block, crank, rods, pistons, heads, valves, cams, intake, exhaust, and an ignition system?  Every single part is vital to ensure your car runs properly.  The oil in your car lubricates and protects these parts as they work in tandem.  Friction is created as they move in sync with each other and without proper lubrication from oil, the parts can wear down and break.   Not only is the correct type of oil important to use, but you also need to ensure you have the proper amount as well.  

Over time, oil is broken down from the heat produced by the engine.  It loses its slickness and its texture becomes more like sludge.  This prevents the oil from flowing smoothly.  The general rule of thumb is to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles, but several factors come into play.  If your car uses synthetic oil, you may get upwards of 10,000 miles per oil change.  Outdoor temperatures affect oil as well.  During the warmer summer months, your oil will turn sludgy more quickly, resulting in more oil changes.  Believe it or not, the cold also greatly affects oil because of how much harder your engine has to work to stay warm.  Every vehicle comes with a manual to inform you of how often you should stop by a mechanic to get a routine oil change.  

To schedule your New Year oil change, give us a call at (281) 370-0101.  You’ll find us at 17545 Kuykendahl Road A in Spring, Texas!
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