Signs Your Vehicle Needs Transmission Service

Your vehicle’s transmission is its gearbox. Unfortunately, nobody’s vehicle transmission will last forever without needing to be repaired or replaced. This is especially true if you travel on rough terrain, mountain passes, or hilly roads, often during long-distance trips.

Yet, how do you know when your car’s transmission needs a service to ensure it remains in working condition? Simple, you learn the signs that the team at Vic Auto has shared in this blog. Our team has spoken about a few of the most common troublesome signs that will help you diagnose if your car is experiencing transmission issues that require service and repair.  

What Are Three Signs Your Car Needs A Transmission Service? 

Multiple signs indicate your vehicle’s transmission needs to be replaced. Yet some of these signs are more difficult to detect than others which is why we shared the most obvious. See below to learn what you need to keep an eye out for when driving. 

  • You’ve Seen Your Transmission Leaking Fluid

Unfortunately, any time your vehicle leaks fluid means it needs important maintenance. However, it can be quite challenging to determine the difference between a transmission leak and other leaks. 

Typically dark spots on your driveway or garage floor from leaking fluids don’t indicate a transmission leak. In contrast, dark red, bright red, or brown leaking fluid signifies that your transmission is malfunctioning and requires a transmission. 

So the best choice is to take your vehicle to a mechanic to fix the leak before your faulty transmission leads to costly repairs. 

  • You’ve Noticed Your Transmission Slipping

Like the numerous other auto parts in your vehicle that need routine servicing, so does your car’s transmission. If you don’t perform regular maintenance, your transmission will have a short lifespan and begin slipping. 

Gear slipping can be identified when you drive up or down hills, and the gears change without touching them. If your gearbox is doing this, you must take your car in for a service before it becomes a significant problem. 

  • There Is A Uniquely Foul Odor Coming From Your Transmission

Did you know that your transmission fluid should be replaced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles or as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations? 

Thus, if you begin smelling a foul burning or sweet odor, it could signify that your transmission fluid needs replacing during a service. Should you be unsure if the odor is coming from your transmission, a mechanic can verify its cause and help you rectify the issue. 

Even when you know some signs your vehicle needs a transmission service, it can be difficult to tell when to take your car in for a transmission service. Luckily, if you suspect your transmission needs to be looked at, you can bring your vehicle into Vic Auto. 

One of our mechanics would be happy to complete a transmission service on your car to ensure your safety and guarantee you won’t encounter damage to other parts of your vehicle. So contact us here today, and we’ll reach out to you.
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