Keep Your Engine Running Strong

The purchase of any vehicle is much more than simply the acquisition of a consumer good. A vehicle is a long-term investment. And as such, it’s of the utmost importance that you recoup a return. You can do this by taking in your car for routine maintenance, and the most fundamental of all car repairs is the oil change. Bringing your vehicle to a location such as Vic’s Auto Collision & Repair can help ensure the longevity of your vehicle.

best oil change in spring texasThe engine underneath the hood of your vehicle is a complex collection of machinery. This mass of moving parts working in unison with one another causes a great deal of friction. Which, as you probably learned from science class, generates a considerable amount of heat. The oil in your engine lubricates these moving parts and allows them to function. If you decide upon synthetic oil, which burns slower than conventional oil, it will also collect the various deposits that accumulate on your engine block and keep it running like a well-oiled machine.

Prolong the Life of Your Tires as Well 

This might seem counter-intuitive when getting your oil changed, but hear us out. Many mechanics attest to the fact that getting your tires rotated after each oil change allows the tread to wear evenly. With your tires in excellent shape and your engine running smooth, you can help maintain the conservative fuel consumption of your vehicle.

Prevent Substantial Mechanical Damage 

As we previously mentioned,  your engine block is a collection of moving parts that generate a great deal of friction. Aside from keeping them properly lubricated and running well, getting your oil changed at regular intervals can help prolong the life of your vehicle and prevent certain mechanical problems from occurring.

Neglecting oil changes can lead to a breakdown in your powertrain. Because oil physically removes the deposits that accumulate over time, failure to get the oil changed will lead to various parts of the engine breaking down and struggling to operate properly. This can lead to costly repair bills and large maintenance issues that can’t be easily resolved. So you see, the universal truth of having your oil changed is this–you either pay a little bit now or pay a lot later.

Vic’s Auto Collision & Repair

Having your oil changed is an essential part of car maintenance. If you think you might be overdue for one, come visit Vic’s Auto Collision & Repair.  We’ll help you maintain the longevity of your vehicle and ensure that you recoup a sizable return on your investment. For more information, visit us at



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