Symptoms You Have Contaminated Oil in Your Vehicle

Is your vehicle running with contaminated oil? It’s possible for the oil to pick up pieces of ash from the engine’s cylinder walls. This is not an issue you should ignore, and it’s a good reminder of the importance of changing your oil and oil filters.

Fortunately, we can help you with either of those when you visit Vic Auto. With that in mind, let’s focus on what might happen if you allow contaminated oil to remain in your vehicle.

Symptoms of Contaminated Oil

  • Your Dashboard Lights Activate
      • This problem could trigger either your engine light, oil light, or both. As usual, don’t ignore the dashboard indicators. The oil light might also mean you have a leak or other problem, but either way, it means you need an oil change ASAP.
  • The Engine Gets Noisy
      • Do you hear a banging or rumbling noise? This could be a major problem, and an ominous sign of your engine deteriorating because of insufficient oil. Even a small proportion of contaminated oil can hinder lubrication, leading to all kinds of friction (and damage).
  • Performance Declines
      • Old oil causes clogs in your oil filter, which slows the flow of oil into your engine. If your vehicle doesn’t accelerate the way it once did, you might have performance issues stemming from engine trouble and bad oil.
  • Your Engine Overheats
      • Old oil eventually becomes too thick to deliver oil sufficiently throughout the various engine components. It’s the vehicular equivalent of high cholesterol or blood clots. When this happens, your engine overcompensates and overheats, something that will lead to a steep repair bill if left unaddressed.
  • The Fuel Economy Worsens
      • Also, if your engine cannot get oil in time, the fuel economy is bound to suffer. Poor engine inefficiency always leads you to burn through gas too quickly.
  • Excessive Exhaust Smoke
    • Excessive exhaust smoke is another side effect of engine insufficiency brought about by dirty or thick oil.

How to Address These Problems?

The best way to avoid contaminated oil is to get your oil changed either every 3,000 miles or every three months. You should also change your oil filter with every other oil change. Our team of trained mechanics handle this routinely, so it’s no trouble for us to do it for a small fee.

So, if you need an oil change or other service on ANY make or model, then come visit Vic Auto in Spring, Texas. Our fast, reliable, and thorough auto repair services earn us a plethora of positive reviews from our satisfied customers. rated us as the Best Auto Body Shop in Houston in 2021. You can set an appointment with us anytime or call 281-370-0101 for more information.
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