Vehicle Thermostat Symptoms to Keep an Eye Out for

There’s way more point and purpose to your vehicle’s thermostat than showing you the engine temperature. It determines the release of coolant and impacts its overall functionality.

Therefore, we think you should keep an eye out for these vehicle thermostat symptoms that may indicate serious problems. As usual, if you catch them in advance, you can bring your vehicle to us for fast and reliable automotive repair.

Serious Vehicle Thermostat Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

  • Check Engine Light
      • The Check Engine light could indicate a thermostat problem. Sometimes, if the engine is running too cold, you’ll see this light accompanied with a P0128 error code. It often means that the vehicle is not dispersing coolant throughout the engine.
  • Leaking Coolant
      • A bad thermostat can also contribute to more frequent coolant leaks. When the engine runs too hot, it leads to an overflow in coolant, which inevitably leads to leaks. You might smell a sweeter aroma or notice white smoke emanating from your exhaust.
  • The Gauge Itself Stops Working Properly
      • If the gauge gives you a very hot or cold reading, and there’s no reason for it, then you may need to replace it. You can set an appointment with Vic Auto to have one of our automotive technicians inspect the thermostat for malfunctions.
  • Rumbling Noises
      • The rumbling and knocking noises you hear can come from several sources, typically some form of friction in or around your engine components. One possibility could come from hot coolant levels. If they reach a boiling point, it can cause noises, which are loudest when you accelerate. Once again, this usually corresponds with a leak of some sort.
  • Heater Troubles
      • When your thermostat freezes into one position during the winter, it’ll prevent your car’s heater from functioning. This is less often a problem in warmer places like Texas, but a broken thermostat could easily impede the way the heater works. It’s one of the things we’ll check if you bring this problem to us at Vic Auto.

So, we hope you’ll keep an out for these common thermostat issues. It always pays dividends to be on top of these problems before they get worse.

If you suspect thermostat trouble or any other vehicular problem, then head over to Vic Auto in Spring, TX, for automotive repair service. We can perform diagnostics and maintenance on ANY make or model, but we’re one of the few places that can handle European or luxury cars. You can call us anytime to learn more or get a quote at 281-370-0101.
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